The knife 

Woke up this morning 

Feel the sunrise on your skin

Look at all of us 


Taking off

Like they’re shots 

Lined against the wall

And maybe we don’t give in 

Maybe we make it after all 

There’s a man over there 

With a guitar in his hand 

He said he never made it 

But he played with a lot 

Of big bands 

And there’s a girl 

From the city 

She didn’t stay in 

She said she liked being in the 40 under 40 

And giving something back 
So many of us 

Are down on our own blade 

Hanging from our own noose 

Like we’ve been manufacturing 

Our own guillotine 

The dreams we have as children 

The paint under our nails 

The perspective that we can’t shake 

It’s ok 

Go after it 

drink it in 

Like shots against the wall 

Take it in 

And give it back 

Like only you can 

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