The One About Elections

So,we finally have doctors running for president. Which is awesome. I’ve always thought we should have different people in office. With the exception of like-lawyers-maybe,they would probably be good negotiators…countries walking away like “wait a minute…we went to demand this…and we agreed to….”

But now we have (and this is just a small figure) maybe 12 doctors…and their campaign slogans read like they were written by Nicholas Sparks or the View….

It’s like having a bunch of billionaires and no one becomes batman. You’re DOCTORS

I just want to go vote and see a mysterious new Doc on the ballot with the caption 

i’ll be your huckleberry”

‘Cause let me tell you 

THAT will get all my votes…all 37 of them. I’m making up children old enough to vote. I’m calling my cousins my nephews…I don’t even have to know what you look like…you could be like the Wizard of Oz 

I don’t care. 

You’re a Doc and you’ve got your campaign together. 

Like Beyoncé and her secret album. 

I never had to hear a thing. 

But I bought it. 

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