How to find a category 

Hello all.

Someone recently brought it to my attention …

That finding categories on their mobile was difficult.


All you have to do 

Is click on the title of whatever post 

Or any post 

And then scroll to the bottom of said post 

And there you will find categories and a search bar where you can put any name or word that you think may reference a post you can’t find. 

But you have to click on the title of a post. Because I have endless scrolling. 

If you are on a desk top 

Hey…it’s easy … It’s the left panel of the screen. 

I thought that was cool. Because I use my phone. And always have. I don’t even have a computer. Ha ha. 

And now you know. 

I hope this helped. 

Really, I do. 

Have a great weekend. 

And remember 

It’s almost haunted October again 

Thanks guys for your all of your support. 

You all are so awesome. 


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