Pandora #2



“What is the deal with Real Simple magazine ? And why are you up at 3 in the A M writing?.” Rachael collapsed like a dead corpse in the booth. Picking up one of Michael’s newspapers. “Ugh…I hate the news. It’s all the same. Just a bunch of rich jerks,jerking everyone’s chains. To get their rocks off of course” She tossed the paper. 

Say something Michael. You have to talk. Remember? Rememember talking? You know …that thing with words. 

“Oh I likeghh. I mean I read Real Simple  once …it was ok.” Good job. Now keep going. “Don’t tell me. You don’t believe in the moon landing either?.” See? One for science.

Rachael actually laughed. “Oh please. That was totally fake. We’ve been there before. Hey,we probably moved here from there!. How else did we know how to get there?.” She set her palms face down on the table and just sat there chewing her gum. 

She bites her nails…I wonder if people can taste the nail polish,When they do that?. 

“Oh I don’t know about all of that. You see…it’s a big ball of a mirror. You just go towards it.”

“Like moths to a flame. Just like insects. We’re so gross. I don’t understand everyone’s fascination with the thing. Why don’t we go to the sun. It’s a lot cooler.”

“Oh no,you can go to the sun. But only once. Just like you can drink lava. Or go sky diving – without the parachute.”

She’s laughing again. Good job. 

“So why don’t more people do those things?”

“Because we like to talk. Especially about ourselves. And once they accomplished this great thing..,as great as it may be…they wouldn’t be able to tell the tale.”

“Self absorbed ass hats.”


Michael started to write.

Rachael leaned forward. 

“Hey. You know. I used to be a writer once.” 

He stopped.

Damn…Prepare yourself to be let down. ‘I wrote The first cook book on preparing human. And then gifted it to an orphanage. The nuns loved it’  

“I wrote A summer in Yellow.”

“Hey. I never heard of it why not?”

“Oh gosh,don’t try flattery you suck at it and besides it was never published.and that’s all you get. Nothing more.”

Rachael jumped up startled. 

“Hey. I have to go. Sun’s up. What happened to the time?? I’m a vampire you know. The living dead thing.”

Fuck. What happened to the time. I didn’t write anything! But I do need to sleep. 

Michael  fumed  in his mind while grabbing his papers. 

“You need to. Really. You never sleep.” Rachael said looking back.

She walked towards the long staircase leading to the rooms. With a wave and a wink 

“I’ll see ya though.” 

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