There and back again 

If you’re an artist,you like to think you’re the best artist. But you know you’re not the best artist. Because …you know how you get your English on the ball. 

I like to believe I’m an open minded old soul. 

But I know I’m not Fitzgerald or even Hemingway. I’ve got almost five years archived on this site-and I read through some old stuff…I’m definitely better than I was And worse than I’ll be. Understand?

I say that because …

Someone asked me to tell them a story…so I did. I set my pen down and began 

Ronald McDonald the clown. Came to being because the founders wife had an affair…and an illegitimate son. When he found out. He went into such a rage that he took both of them to the basement of one of his stores 

Murdering  his wife 

He fixed her body 

And the next day 

Introduced the rib sandwhich 

But he locked the son 

For 17 years 


To slice pickles 

He never saw anyone 

After the founder died 

The new wife,feeling sorry for the child cleaned him up with makeup and a workers suit. 

With makeup and his long red hair 

She led him through the store 

From the basement 


The children thought he worked there 

And they loved him 


Ronald the clown came to be. 

The problem with this story is 

Everyone believed me. 

I told them I made it up 
Just like this morning 

While waiting for Simon (our dog) to take a shit.

I thought of a blind kid 


Who can see colours and energy…

But nothing else 

And he hates hospitals 

Because he can see the spirits 

Moving from room to room 


No one believes him 

Until his uncle dies 

And Eric is the only one in the room with him. 

I have no idea what to do with that. 

It just came to me at 6am while I stood freezing and watched my beagle sniff the ground for nine days until he found his “spot” where he shits  in a half circle. 

Some things come to us . Not all of it will be good. But some of it will be great. And all of it has that potential. 

But only if we put it out there.

Today is my birthday. 

I have been here almost 5 years. 

Thank you for staying with me. 

And for those who stayed 

For watching me grow. 

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