The Five major Native American nations used to believe that the women should be in every meeting and their input was the most respected within government. They were highly esteemed and valued. They would even take a lover and then after years they may just part ways and take another lover. Or they may be partners for life. And if there were a marriage such as with the Creek? infidelity was not tolerated. They had a system of respect and value…

Until we came along. And forced them to take a step back and wait almost two hundred years in darkness to be valued again. 

Whatever sound 

your voice makes

Let it echo 

Whatever shape 

Your fists make 

Make sure 

You leave your mark 

Every day 

Until this town 

This city 

This place 

Knows why

you are here 

Until they understand 

That you are 

A space maker 

Until they feel your absence 

The way my arms do 

The point is 
There is no point at all

I’ve noticed 

If you don’t talk 

They tell you to be Madonna 

When you do talk 

They tell you to be Diana 

And don’t get me started 

On what to wear 


What if Diana tried to be Marilyn ? And Audrey tried to be Katharine?

What if no one ever marched 

And women were still 

Considered property 

And trophies ?

How far have we really come 

From the darkness 

If we are still shaping ourselves 

To fit another persons lense?

Be you 

And be proud 

and be the damn best while you’re at it. 

Because you are your own. 

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