Beagle in The City #4

Color Fest

Hello Person! 

This week my pack set out for the mountains. 

To Color Fest !! 
There were lots of other dogs!

It’s all outdoors so you can walk through with your snoopy dog. 

We saw dogs in strollers,purses,big dogs small dogs. But not many dogs on the bluff….

Dad bought some Southern Girl Coffee  And a hand made Cutting Board because he’s the ‘Chopper’  

Mom bought some vintage Jewlery some candles ….and some books…

dad took pictures again…

And Firemen gave me some treats. 

Which was pretty cool. 

There was so much food And so much to smell.

And funnel cake! 

I don’t know what that is…

But it smells delicious. 

We lost those bags everyone’s always putting my crap in.

But then we found them so everything was OK. 

So bring your dog to festivals!.

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