Beagle in the City #5

Look at the size of this stick…I found it under a bench! Who would throw this away?? But then,who would throw me away!

 Heres to looking at you,kid. . . 
We went to this dog place where you meet new animals and get treats! you know,like a bar… “what are you here for? Arrow through the  paw? Yeah,definitely gonna need a treat for that.” It is really awesome. But instead they just weighed me again.

Halloween is a pretty big deal. I don’t know what it is but they keep talking about it

Maybe I’ll go to Halloween as a Giraffe!…or a Raptor! 

 Or a Rainbow Unicorn…

Pretty scary right? Mom scared dad so bad he almost threw up…I know-because I’m a dog and I can recognise the signals for that. Like when you drink too much water.

It’s ok though he’s all better now.

Maybe Halloween has something to do with unicorns…I don’t know. 

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