Falling Skies 

There’s an old note 

Stained with yesterday’s ghosts 


See everything old 

Become something new 

Midnight turns to shadows in the sun 

We adapt 

And overcome 

We’re living under 

Falling skies 


All the rivers 

Seem to rise 

Keep doing you 

Keep walking on 
We’ve been dying since 

The minute we were born 

And even though 

Everyone is good at pointing their finger

And firing guns they don’t know how to load 

There is still human connection 

Real on real 

At ground level 

And every touch 

Leaves an impression –

you were born to rise 

You were born to…

When you arrived

the universe  changed 

To make space for you

Ignore all the hype 

“Passion fashion” 

“15 minutes of Insta Fame”

Forget the trend 

Take  your time 
There is style in your rise 


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