To love her…

If you like it straight no chaser…

Love a nurse 

What most humans 

Experience inside war 

A nurse may just 

Experience every single day…

She may not tell you every riveting detail 

She may lay down and wrap your arms around her until she falls asleep …

She may go quiet

But you will know 

You will feel it 

her hands 

Holding yours tightly 

They’ve been there

She’s felt life and death 

And she’s been elbow deep in it 

Holding this – fighting for this- our fragmented pieces 

The worst days of our lives 

She knows better than most 

The price of addiction

She knows better than most 

It rains on everyone 

She knows 

She’s fought for it 

Until her body aches 

Until the sweat won’t run 

So hold her 

Love her 


Kiss her like it’s your first and last  time 

Every time 

She’s straight  no chaser 

But she’s exactly what you want by your side 

She knows how to fight 

For you

She knows 


Love her 

Keep her 

Fight for her 

Stand for her


She will love you 

With furious passion 


To be brought here 

It is such an honor 

So why not make it life 

Love a nurse 

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