Dark Things 

  A world in which there are monsters, and ghosts, and things that want to steal your heart is a world in which there are angels, and dreams and a world in which there is hope.-Neil Gaiman

Dear you…

I wanted to write you 

To tell you 

I’m proud of you 

I’m proud 

Because you didn’t stay down 

I’m proud 


You took that class 

You went to therapy 

You faced your shadows

You didn’t let them define you 

And you spoke your truth 

Even when your  voice shook 

You built your art 

Even when your hands shook 

You are you 

Capable of thought 

And touch 

Of contribution 

You are an ambassador 

Of energy and light 

You are life 

And you 

You matter 

You matter 
Dear you 

It gets better 

It doesn’t stay like this 

We may not guarantee the lottery 

Or the game on Friday 

But we can guarantee change 

This is your change 



Dear you 

Thank you 

For being here

We wouldn’t be the same 

Not without you 



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