Fly Kid 

After the war 

They said you could feel it

All you knew 

Was the rubble 

But you could feel it 

The world was changing 

Something was happening 

You could go now 

And die for art 

You could build 

Something great was happening 

You  jumped in

Hoping you didn’t  miss it 

You had to be a part of it

Change is always terrifying

Step out 

Speak your truth 

Say ‘I love you’ 

‘I need you’

Change is constant 

It is 

Our only guarantee 

The world is changing again 

We are scared again 

But something is happening out here 

On the shore of our destiny 


This is your dream kid

Don’t give up 

we all are pilots 
So fly

Welcome to your sky 

There is no limits 

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