Beagle in the City #6

Helloooo person! That’s me howling. I can howl. It’s awesome. You want to gain the trust of your person? Bark in the middle of the night and stare into an empty room. Gets them every time. 

Dad got me a ball and bat…I really liked it. It’s red. But seriously, way to go dad. How long did you have to look for that? It’s a bat and ball. So I asked cat and cat told me…(dad calls her lucifer) to ignore the gift for two days. To show I don’t really care for   …I don’t remember …she always uses such BIG words…and there’s so much to LEAF! BIG LEAF!. 

I ignored the bat for seven minutes. 

We had Hallooween!!! 

Here’s  my pack!

And here’s me    

A ferocious rainbow unicorn. 

Halloween is awesome. 

If you wait long enough 

You go from person to person 

they just start giving you table food!!! 

And everybody loves you 


You also get forgotten 

And left outside 

But I knew my pack would remember me.

And luckily 

Just 23 short minutes later 

They ran to the porch and let me back in. 

Luckily it wasn’t raining too hard.

And the Lightning didn’t bother me at all!

I don’t know what is next 

But I can’t wait. 

Dad keeps  sitting in his chair writing letters to mom 

It’s his thing…

And then he found a drawer filled with all the letters 

I guess he didn’t know she kept them

Because then he sat down and read them to me and patted my head….

I’m glad I can’t read.

Because that is boring. 

I’m a hound dog 

I need to smell


I lost my milk bones 


It’s a small den 

I’ll check under the bed 
Remember to adopt don’t shop!

And give your dog cheese! It’s awesome 

I ate the whole thing wrapper and all. Dad said I was lucky. No dad.I’m Simon. And I’m also a beagle. 

Bye guys !!!

And give your dog table foods 

It’s the big hit

  Learn more about adopting here




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