A year in review 


I’m always writing 

In my head 

I’m looking 

I see you 

I’m remembering

Someone said 

In poetry 

We sometimes 

Relive moments 

When we write 

And when we perform 

But they hoped 

We could be like magicians 

And create these moments 

Like mirrors 

And distance ourselves 

From the experience 

So we can grow 

And move On


I hope you know 

Your moments 

Are like Polaroids

I carry with me 

And they are not trauma 

They are light 

And I hope you know

I  am growing 

I  am trying 

I  am evolving 

Into something new 

Something you made possible

When I write 

I don’t always share 

Some things 

I have carried with me 


So many maps

And everyone was telling us 

What to feel 

And what to see 

And I really did hope 

I would have all the answers by now 

But you have helped show me 

The beauty of it all

Is we experience it while we are living 

And we find the answers 

While we are giving


We are here 

Another year 

Another day 

Another shore  


We are communicating 

What we love 

What we touch 

What we see

I have your fingerprints 

All over my heart 

All over my art 


I love 

I love 

I love you 

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