Beagle in the City #7

Hello Person!

I’m at the vet.

There’s treats on that counter

I weigh 28lbs now 

I think I’m big enough to jump on the counter…

the vet is cool because I get to sit on the table. 

And  let me tell you 

When you go out 

You can do a lot of things 

That you cannot do 

Any other time 

For example 

I cannot sit on the table at home 

I’ve tried.

Hey, I got a new sweater 
I have a hat too 

But I tried to eat it,so dad put it away 

 It’s almost Christmas!!! 

There are so many lights 



And I know 

What everyone is getting 

Because I get to watch the wrapping 


I may have got distracted by the paper 

And the tape 

It’s soooo sticky!!

But now that it’s all in boxes 

I’m pretty sure 

They all have treats for me.

The Tom Cat at the vet said 

If I were a cat,

They would definitely be all for me 

But instead I’ll probably just get leftovers….

I don’t understand the insult 

I love leftovers 

I hope it’s manwhiches.


I had a busy week you know, the holidays and all 

Dad leaves early 

We walk when he comes home 

Try to find the Christmas presents 

But then get tired 

And take a nap

Then I take a nap with mom 

When she comes home 


I cook with dad 

Today I helped dad clean 

Let me just say 

Watching him fold laundry is exhausting 

I took a nap 

Then mom came home 

But I was too tired from 

Trying to eat my rope 

So I stayed in bed 


I’m back from the vet 

And dad left again 

I guess I’ll take another nap 
Merry Christmas! 

See you next year!!! 

I hope there’s popcorn and cookies in 2016…. 

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