If you feel a little outside of yourself 

Looking in

It’s the first page of a new chapter 

In a blank book 

For the library of yourself 

Just remember 

We’ve never been here before

None of us 

So it is ok 

To write slowly 

It is ok 

To breathe 

It is ok 

To shed your skin 

To rediscover 


And dance again 

It’s ok 


We saw a year 

Where everybody 

Was offended 

Guns were loaded

Love wins 

Signs were painted 

Religions infuriated 



We’ve never been here before 

What you write 

History is waiting 

With bated breath 

To see what you say 

What you give 

It’s a blank book 

Your life 

Your art 

Your love 

Forget the statistics 

Forget the headlines 

All of the chatter 

Start the fire within yourself 


Begin again 

This is a beginning 

Not an end

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