Beagle in the City #8

  Greetings Earthlings. 

 I hereby refuse to take a dump 

On frost bitten ground 

I’ve been holding it 


One day 

My tush needs cush…

I also enjoy the occasional 

Devouring or the hunt 

My pack calls them toys 

I do not understand 

  Behold my rabbit 
The heart of the rabbit …


I get a lot of baths 
Like one every two weeks 

On Wednesdays 

My pack! 


Choose this torture 


For themselves 

I don’t understand 

I try to watch them 

While they make it rain 

They seem to enjoy 

This torture….

I wear my jacket 
On my walks 

It’s pretty great 

And people wave 

Say I’m cute 

And look how big I’m getting…
We’ve started visiting mom 
At work. 

I see some strange people there 


It’s ok 

I low barked 

In my throat

And they knew I meant business 



I’m practically ferocious now 


((((Danger)))) (((((peasant beware))))

Oooooh milk bones!! 

I have to go cook with dad now. 

Chicken!!!!! ….


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