Tell me what you love 

What makes you laugh 

So hard you cry 

What is your favorite song? 

The one you dance to 

Until you can’t breathe?

What’s your favorite book?

The one you write in the margins of?

What’s your favorite dream?

What’s your favorite shoes 


The tie 

You wore 

The night you 

Fell in love 

We’ve spent enough time 

Talking about what we hate 

The injustice 

May be real 

But don’t forget to live and love 

Because death is very real 

We are never really born 

We just slowly start to die 

Don’t just fill your life 

Like empty space 

With packing peanuts 

For the ride 

Please dance 

And laugh 

Until you cry 

And make some mistakes 

Please remember 

You only live once 

There’s so much 

Room for love 

Quiet all those thoughts 

Scream until you hear it 

Write it out 

Throw the paint against the wall 


the heartbeats 

In this space 

What do you love 

What do you love 

What do you love 

You are love 

You are worthy 

Of this life 

You are magic 

You are real  

 (image source unknown) 

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