Beagle in the City #10

What is snow ? 

Where does it come from?

Why is it covering my grass?

This is not my grass…

It’s cold

Look at my fountain? 

Why is it so cold 

The mail man didn’t even come today….
When do we eat?

I just want to lay down with my toy rope and watch Netflix 

Or pretend to watch it 

I can’t actually watch TV 
My pack let the House Cat in…

She said she was cold 

I couldn’t handle it

I refuse  to lay down and acknowledge this. 
I also had an accident 

I got so warm in front of the heater 

I peed in the floor 

And then I had shame. So I hid under the table. 

But I still get to cook with dad! 

We made ham with pineapple and peas…

Also dad did not feel well for two days …so I laid with him in the bed…but I think he’s better now. 

I check on him though. 

I tried to give him my rope 

And my ball 

They always make me feel better 

Finally I just laid my head on his chest and waited for mom to come help me. She always knows how to make him feel better. 

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