The one with the blizzard 

This may be a bad time considering all the winter storms. But look! I found a florist that was open. Isn’t that cool. 

I recently had a small procedure done at the hospital and wanted to say thank you to my wife for taking such good care of me. Let me just say…you dream some lunatic things when you have to fast.

I dreamed about one of those food network shows. Where celebrities had to cook meals by following specific instructions. 

And they had like this one guy called Angel who was all jazzed out with sunglasses like Tom Cruise or something And J Lo was there. And a couple of other people. Jay Lo ruined some kind of salad. Trying to add culture to it. And Angel, his salad was just great. He followed the ingredients. J Lo looks at him and says “I’m a risk taker. You have three kind of people, risk takers, goody too shoes who follow all the rules. And you have losers.” Angel looked at her. “No, you have winners. And you have artist who can’t cook themselves out of a recipe that has ingredients layed out before them.That’s called…losing.” Then the announcer says they have to cook Catfish…a southern favorite (I’ll call it Kelleys Katfish.) A special breading  involving a lot of grease never changed throughout the day. (Keep in mind this is only a dream)

Everyone hated it. The judges couldn’t finish it. “What is this? Seafood or casserole? There’s so much breading and grease.” 

“It’s Kelleys Katfish.”

“You mean,Satans’ Tankfish.”

And then I woke myself up laughing.

And immediately had to do hospital related things. I will spare you from. But I got good drugs . Like the stuff MJ was on and said loudly “shit! No wonder he got addicted this stuff is fantastic! And asked for my wife. Saying “go get her. You can’t miss her,she’s the prettiest girl in the waiting room.”

Speaking of drugs I’ve never paid for drugs before. You know, the illegal kind. But a lot of people do. And they pay for sex.or cable or possibly those blue tooth neck speakers that they soon regret. But I have gone to the pharmacy and had to walk past the regular Allegra and ask for the Allegra Decongestant at the counter, you know where they make you feel like you’re doing something illegal like “would you like an eight hour session? Or a 12 hour session? that’ll be 30 dollars” and You hand them 30 and then have to walk past the regular Allegra again.Always with guilt somehow. You say things to the regular Allegra  Things like; “I’m just here for the D.”  And you somehow feel like you’ve paid for a hooker but you just need some relief and the D really just knocks it right out of there. Regular Allegra just doesn’t work And even while you’re justifying spending such an amount? It never really makes you feel better. Until you lay down and take it.

that’s a  lot of  innuendo for sinus decongestant. But 50 shades is a lot of shading especially for gray. Just go for black. At least then you won’t come back. (((Boom burn)))  I saw this old lady reading it once and she was like “I don’t think this guy is a Christian at all.”  And I was like “have you Seen the news?” 

  Have a great weekend. And be safe . 

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