The one about timehop

If you’re feeling extra positive today. Before you post that Friday selfie. Check your “timehop” updates. You know,the thing that shows you everything you posted on this day…for every year you have been with Facebook. 

that’s the one. Facebook is relentless with it…

I can’t even remember where I left my glasses five minutes ago. They expect me to remember something I posted six or more years ago?

Some things you just shouldn’t have to see twice. 

I was hating it…

But then I started seeing where my other half had commented on things…little discussions I had long forgotten. 

Granted her attitude was more of 

And my attitude was more like

“I have hot sauce in my eye…I have hot sauce in my eye!”

There is no meme for that. 

I have no idea how we ended up together…
Believe it or not I haven’t always been as cool as I am now. 

Just a few blood oaths …

Some shaved unicorn horns …

And a handful of years later 

Here we are

So these days  I check timehop, just to see our old senseless debates.  Or just to feel better about my writing. (If you think it’s poor now? You haven’t seen anything.)

Now… If you insist on posting your Friday selfie. Just remember, FB will insist on reminding you of it. 

Have a killer weekend. 

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