Beagle in The City #11

Simon: I’m just saying I don’t think you can cook it.

Ethan: I can cook Cod.

Simon : Did you get the picture?

Ethan: yeah I think…your ear Simon. 

Simon: That’s called Art.

Simon: Send it to Dogue 

Ethan : I’m sending it to mom

Simon: ….she’s seen us before. What about Dogue. 

Ethan: Dogue doesn’t exist.

Simon: yes it does. I can sense it. 

Simon: are we going to go see mom? It’s Friday….on Friday we go see mom. 

Ethan: we have to cook first. Then we go see mom. Besides, she may still be mad at you for bruising her eye. 

Simon: what! That was an accident. I licked it to make it better And besides…it looked to me,like something a white male would do. Not – a- beagle.

Ethan: you still shouldn’t be jumping on the bed uninvited.

Simon: ….but it’s so soft…like a cloud….

Ethan: it sure is since you stopped hogging all the covers.

Simon: there’s witch craft there dad. It’s suddenly as hot as the sun. I thought I was going to suffocate!! I barely made it out alive! My fur was simmering. 

Ethan: yeah it’s an electric blanket.

Simon: sorcery!!! 

Simon: Oops 

Simon: Dad…dad….dad… 

Ethan: yeah ? 

Simon: I dropped my ball in my water bowl. 

Ethan: well, get it. 

Simon: It’s like it’s own little island…

Simon: Are you sure you can cook Cod?…I don’t think you can cook Cod. Let’s bring it to her fresh. Don’t cook it. I feel like that would be better. 

Simon : Can we add milk bones!! She’ll love that!

Ethan: Negative. How about bread instead.

Simon: oh I like bread!




Drop some on the floor,dad. 

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