Beagle in the City #12

Simon: What’s in the box!

Ethan: a typewriter. 

Simon: I need to smell it! 

 I’m sitting 


show me how to help, I can use my nose.

Ethan: It’s easy. Like this. My old one was the first journalism typewriter. Silent and light for the Second World War. Really cool. 

Simon: That’s cool dad. What’s a typewriter?

Ethan: it’s right here. 

Simon: PERSON! in the hall! PERSON!! 

Ethan : ….

Simon: I am your protector dad! Protecting.

Ethan: Ok. Did the mail run today?

Simon: Oh yeah! They left me a treat and everything! 

Ethan: Ok smile for mom.

Simon: I’m not smiling. 


Ethan: You know you want to smile. 

Simon:  I’m 30lbs I’m kind of hungry. I only ate three times today. 

Ethan: We will eat manwhiches after this. Now smile.

Simon: manwhiches!!!

Ethan: See that wasn’t so hard.

Simon: Sorcery…

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