Beagle in The City #15

Ethan: Simon! 

Simon: Yes, dad? 

Ethan: I thought you were in your crate?

Simon: it’s not a crate dad. It’s my space, my spot my place. 

Ethan: I thought your place was your little bed thing.

Simon: No dad, that’s my chill cushion. 

Ethan: Well, it’s that time of week again. Only us writers and super chefs are awake this late. Unless, you’re secretly harboring a raving drug addiction….or a secret Online Affair…you can talk to me Simon. Always. 

Simon: What’re drugs and online

Ethan: Let’s cook! 

Simon: Wait dad. What are you making? Chicken pot pie?  Is that bread gluten free? 

Ethan: Oh, well, I don’t know….probably, they are really good about sending healthy stuff. I’m not even sure this chicken is even chicken, it probably died believing it was a peacock.

Simon: What’s a peacock,Is that like a squirrel?

Ethan: Well yeah, but the tail is covered with a glitter supernova….

  Simon: Where’s mom. I don’t believe your tail. I mean Tale. You smell of deception.  

 Ethan: Fine, I’ll show you a boring picture of a real Peacock. …the squirrel was better though….

Simon: I am a Beagle. You cannot get past me. 

Ethan: ohhh yeah. I forgot about that. Your ancestry. 

Simon: As still as a deer. An eagle. A wolf pack. 


Ethan: Does the wolf pack want a biscuit? 

Simon: Scones!!!

Ethan: where did you learn that?

Simon: learn what? 

Ethan: scones.

Simon: what’re scones?

Ethan: Biscuits….

Simon: Biscuits!!!! 

Ethan: face palms 

Simon: …. I like  those ….


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