Beagle in the City #16

Simon: Hey dad,check out my dinner hat!

Ethan: I see you’re finished with your nap.

Simon: you almost knocked me out dad. I had to nap. 

Ethan: that was an accident 

Simon: you struck me

Ethan: you slipped and hit my knee.

Simon: a likely story

Ethan: you want another bath?

Simon: these floors are so paws just fall right out from under me.  

Ethan: if I let you help me clean them, will you promise to be more careful? 

Simon: heck yeah! 

Simon: Ugh I’ll have to nap first though ….after walking …and napping…

Ethan: whoa slow down there Steve Jobs…


Simon: What’s for dinner???

Ethan: you just ate 

Simon: Yeah but your socks have little pizzas on them so I thought about pizza.

Ethan: ok ok  we’re having gravy and biscuit with eggs and bacon.

Simon: Bacon!!! 

Ethan: but you’re having these nice carrots. 

Simon: what? Ugh , diiiscusting. Mom pours the bacon grease over my food. 

Ethan: Yeah, but mom is so far away right now… She’s at work and she saw how much you enjoyed that broccoli last night…so we talked about a diet for you. 

Simon:This is madness! Look at my fur. It’s like a unicorns. Grrr. What’s a diet anyway? 

Ethan: I’m just messing with you.

Simon: Bacon! 

Simon: HOT! No. 

Ethan: Well, give it a second. 
Simon: what’s that? 

Ethan: it’s yogurt. 

Simon: I might like …

Ethan: you don’t like yogurt. 

Simon: I might like yogurt. 

Ethan: How about a biscuit. And then your food with bacon.

Simon: bacon!!! 

Simon: wait what’s that?

Ethan: it’s broccoli,it’s old.

Simon: I might like broccoli 

Ethan: eat your food crazy. 

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