Beagle in the City #17

Simon: I don’t want to say it…

Ethan: well just smile then 

Simon: But people will see 

Ethan: they always see 

Simon: yeah but this is Valentine’s Day…

Simon : ok ok …

Simon : ….

Simon: Happy Valentine’s Day mom  

Ethan: and?

Simon: Oh and we love you.   

Ethan: hey, today is Valentine’s Day…

Simon: I love love.  

Ethan: are you sad? 

Simon: I’m just glad I was adopted by you guys. We got mom flowers and went to see her at work. 

Ethan: you helped me write letters too. 

Simon: oh yeah that was fun too. 


Simon: adopt and spay and neuter. Don’t shop. We love spending the holidays with you!
For more information on adoption 

Look Here 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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