Beagle in the City#19


Simon: what’s that? 

Ethan: I got Published  in the Birmingham Arts Journal. 

Simon: What is ‘published’

Ethan: you know, when stuff I write is put in a book or magazine and people get to read it. 

Simon: wait…you write?

Ethan: well,yeah,man. 

Simon : when do you write?? I’ve never seen it. You don’t strike me as a writer. Does mom know?

Ethan: oh lord, is she is on to me…Do you think she knows??

Simon: secrets!!! Secrets!!! 

Ethan: calm your fur, Lassie, she knows.  

Simon: so can she read it while she’s at work? Who else is in there?

Ethan: I don’t know all of them. But there are people from the United Kingdom and local…really from all over. Artist,writers, everyone. It’s really great. And she can read the whole thing online. 

Simon: Good job dad. Ok. Let’s eat, it’s almost  time for my shows. 

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