Letters to a Nurse #4

84 + 

hours a week 

168 + 

hours a month 

Night shift

I think my heart 

Writes letters to yours

While we are apart


I feel yours answering

I know it’s draining 

I don’t have to make another list 

Regarding death 

Or numbers of offenses…

You already know all of that 


This is simply for you 

when you feel 



Chocolate cake 

Is good 

But gelato is too 

Even though 

They are nothing alike 

Christmas –

Valentine’s Day 


New Years 


Are just as good 


The first time we kissed 

all of these things 

They are good 

And beautiful 

And different than the other 

But none compare to you 

And your soul 

Or what you make me feel 

You are beautiful

When you feel stuck 

Or like less 


How far you’ve come 

And don’t let anyone make you feel 

That way

You’re strong 

You’re smart and intelligent 

You’re moving forward 

Not backwards 

True power 

Is always the calmest 

Because it knows 

What it has 

Someone said 

A witch isn’t afraid of the woods 

Because she knows she’s the scariest thing in them…

So go be scary 

Go be strong 

But know 


You have me 

All of me 

And I love you 


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