Beagle in the City #20

Simon: …Well why can’t be President? Look, here’s my campaign face.  

Ethan: I’d vote for you. 

Simon: I’d give all the babies milk bones. 

Ethan: I’m pretty sure they just want milk. 

Simon: …that’s just crazy…I love milk bones. Maybe I’ll just let them pet me.

Ethan: That just makes you happy twice…president and petting.

Simon: no it doesn’t, I hate petting. Everyone grabs your face and ears. I do like the neck though. 

Ethan:oh yeah, me too.

Simon: ugh that’s gross dad. 

Ethan: You know, someone actually wanted to write my name in on a ballot. Of course I’m not quite old enough yet. 

Simon: or smart …

Ethan: What’d you say?

Simon: I meant good looking

Ethan: That’s it…keep digging

Simon: Better take me with you or you won’t get ANY votes.

Ethan: if you run,you better run far.

Simon: that’s just silly I don’t run…

Ethan: you prance,like a gazelle.

Ethan: Ok let’s say hi to mom. And then brush your teeth.

Simon: Mom!!  is she not here?? Where’d she go? 

Ethan: Dude, she’s been gone for hours…

Simon: Jinkies,dad…I was really worried. Also, I ate my toothbrush. Sorry. 


Simon: let’s just stick to modelling. 

Ethan: at least we can still cook bacon and campaign for animals, climate change and women’s rights. 

Simon: Nachos and Cheese!! someone is eating nachos and cheese. I can smell it. 

Simon: I could go for some nachos and cheese

Ethan: I am lactose intolerant are you trying to kill me?

Simon: sometimes it sticks to the roof of my mouth…

Ethan: that is not even close to the same kind of pain…

Simon: thumbs,dad..I don’t have them. Or fingers ….so much choking.

Ethan: I’ll meet you half way. Peanut butter crackers. 

Simon: I don’t know,Dad. is my water bowl full?

Ethan: uhhhh??? Yes.

Simon: Deal. (Singing) Gonna eat me some food. Gonna eat me some food. Food time. Snack time. Meal time. Yum time. . . Peanut butter…🎶🎶

Simon : oh sweet Neptune,  what’s that a pickle? I’ve never had a pickle…but I just know I would love it. 

Ethan:Forget it,kid. You can just prance your dopey eyes back over to your crackers. 

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