There’s water in the sky



Today a funny noise woke me up and I thought oh crap no it may be Simon eating plastic – again. So I jumped or fell out of bed, only to find him sitting in the middle of the floor, staring at the ceiling. 

As a waterfall came down like rain from the apartment above making a small pond beside him. 

It was getting all in our Christmas decorations. (Hence the plastic noise) so I made the appropriate phone calls…and finally grabbed a chair and got the boxes down, drenched now in strange water (Simon still sitting,still watching) I dumped them in the floor and set the boxes out to catch the fall…only the water was getting worse….

Sometimes I get angry…this was one of those times…it’s like waiting for a comet. Doesn’t happen often but it does happen. I knew I shouldn’t be, mostly because,I used to live upstairs, and I was that guy,the guy you don’t want living above you, I flooded people all the time…dish washing accidents…etc etc. 

but still

Who could not be aware of THIS MUCH WATER?

I was set to knock on some doors. I knew it was very 80’s 90’s whatever. Who does the direct approach anymore? As far as Simon was concerned, we were the only people living in this building. 

And after 5 years ? I myself have only seen three. Maybe someone died. Maybe they were there in the shower….

I left to kick in some doors 

Barefoot, wet, and shirtless. 

And slightly mad. 

 There was a waterfall  coming down the stairs outside. 

I was sure this must have happened before. But I met the maintenance guy in the hall. And the look on his face told me. No. 

You know how sometimes your shower floods or your washing machine and you don’t know about it until you walk in the room? 

This was one of those times for the woman inside…

She opened the door and saw maintenance guys face 

Me shirtless 

And then looking down saw the water running out her door. And I’ll never forget it….put her hands to her face and said “howwwww??”

And maintenance guy stepped in the door and said 

“That’s what I’m here to find out.”


After I cleaned up everything and took a shower in my own clean water. I walked outside to go to work. And it started raining. Because when there is something above you?


A ceiling that’s also a floor or a sky that looks a lot like an ocean….there’s also water. 

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