Talks with Women #1

(I’m really thankful for this series. 
What started out as an idea, is now, these stories and all of this art and these women. It’s voices and it’s life…it’s being seen and being heard. 

And I thank every single person that has helped me put this together.


Talks with Women#1

I’ve been broken 
Intentionally and unintentionally deconstructed reduced 

With flying words and accusations 

humiliated and devalued 

Raped and then left alone

And I stood up… and I stayed

Storing all these horrible things inside my vessel

Cracks appear from the weight held inside

And all at once I begin to spill

Eking through the weak thin places

Desperately I try to gather myself

Clawing at my skull

Prostrated on the floor 

Am I nothing? 

The answer is NO

How easily we can choose to build one another up

A kind word spoken into darkness 

Echoes and begins to resonate

I am here

Someone sees me

Someone hears me

Someone feels my pain

The vibration it sends out awakens a lost sense of self

A spark of light in the dark becomes a raging fire 


It burns away the old and rejuvenates the seeds left there by the ones who did love us


I dance in the flames of my rebirth

Watch me playfully flicker and dance


The world opens up and exposes its once hidden resources 

Openly sharing it’s wealth and warmth


When love is present there is no fear

I am new. I am loved. I am love.

– Andrea


Andrea is an Artist based in Tennessee. Her work has been sighted in places such as Slow Hand Coffee in Nashville and more. To see just an example of her amazing talent wander This way.

2 thoughts on “Talks with Women #1

  1. I’m proud of you with this. I’ve considered something of this kind of format (as in discussions with people), but “talks with women” really works for you. Love beautiful Andrea ❤

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