Beagle in the City #26


 Simon: Look dad, it’s your sweater. 

Ethan: why do you have my…

Simon: you took my spot 

Ethan: your bed?

Simon: you threw it away

Ethan: we gave you a brand new bed. It’s so clean and it has temper pedic foam inside…

Simon: it’s tarp. You gave me tarp.

  Ethan: it’s not tarp. It’s just not carpet. It’s cleaner.

Simon: easy for you to say,you’re not sitting on tarp.  

Ethan: I can’t get your old bed back…you know that,right? 

Ethan: you’re lying BESIDE your bed. On the floor…

Simon: I’m keeping the sweater. 

Ethan: …

Simon: it’s so soft…

Ethan: it’s cashmere…

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