Talks with Women #3

Half-truths are the best lies, I remember learning from Anais Nin when I was very young and had barely started doing that by instinct.

We live both inner and outer lives made up of half-truths – we use them in our writing, in our Instagram pictures, in our thoughts, in our confessions and at one point or another the bubble bursts in some and they feel the urge to warn everyone about the evilness of concealment, the fact that social media ‘is not real’, it’s ‘a lie’.

But, darling, humanity was never able to produce anything besides half-truths – because it’s impossible to paint the whole truth even on a psychoanalyst’s couch, because the progress of science means never really discovering the whole truth, but merely journeying towards it.

Liars, we may be – yet our lives are not by default a lie if we acknowledge the necessity of half-truths in it and understand their role. When you look at it that way and you begin developing organs of perception that sense lies and are able to decode them, well, you’re in for a great game – you can recognize the half-truths of others, point more or less accurately to the reason behind them, and learn that a lie unmasked reveals more about a human being than bare truth.

The only victims of half-truths are shallow people who refuse to acknowledge them. 
 Patricia Beykrat. Writer. Artist. Bucharest,Romania. To read more of her go Here

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