Talks with Women #4

A conversation of ramblings with my friend, Ciara.

How long have we been writing each other? 

It’s been like what? A few years now?

Yea, that’s right! Must be over a couple of years, at least

So, are you going to Spain this summer again? 

I hope to. I was planning to live out in Spain once I passed my driving test, but it’s quite hard to make that commitment when I’ve  got so much going on here. Not much job wise, friends sort of, but more so opportunities for me. Spain is quite deserted unless I can get a car. 

I am seeing a comedian or two this year. Katherine Ryan if you’ve heard of her! Very funny!!

How about you? Any plans?

Oh yeah, we are going to the beach at some point.. I envy that you don’t have to drive everywhere. Everything is so far here. 

And I’m a huge comedian fan. I’ve been listening to a lot of David Sedaris lately… You have to laugh at something. Adult life is so weird anyway.

The other day I found a new sponge and got so excited, it was shameful.

Oh no, everything is far. Closest thing to us is about a half hour away, but it’s a matter of walking. Can’t manage it! I need a car! I feel bad that I have to rely on friends to pick me up to get places on time and without looking sweaty haha.

hahahahah yes see! Thats amazing! I find myself doing the same thing. I got to mop my floor with a new mop and it was phenomenally exciting.

Did you see Deadpool?

Oh yes I did. Loved it! What did you think of Deadpool?

Haven’t seen it yet…I’m falling behind on my list of things to watch. But it looked fantastic.

I actually downloaded an honest weather app and it just tells you the weather like it is.

Like “It’s fucking cold…”

And later 

“now it’s fucking raining…congratulations.”

It’s the small things.

hahahaha oh shit! I want this app! What is it called? I love swearing! It is the emphasis of any strong argument, you know

Do you still write screen plays or anything? 

If you went to Spain do you think that you would have more opportunities ?

I did attempt to write one but I have felt no inspiration for it -.- my brother is attempting one at the moment, but damn, it’s not great. haha. It’s not terrible but it’s trying to be funny when you really can’t force funny.

Well, there is an English radio station owner who my dad knows and he could get me a job there. Which would be awesome!

Radio stations are great. I worked with my dad in one when I was VERY young. They had all of these old eight tracks everywhere…it was actually really scary now that I think of it.

I know! There are a lot more things to remember than you think. People assume DJ’s are just presenters that sit there and twiddle their thumbs. Granted, some are, but not all. haha.

I hope you get the job. Are you reading anything interesting??

I’m  really not. I need to start reading again. Last thing I read was a Simon Pegg Biography. I Really enjoy his stuff.

Oh I bet that was good

It was so good! I think I need to begin reading again though. I feel nothing has beaten Catcher in the Rye just yet. I wasn’t forced to read that in school so I actually enjoyed it. haha.

Haha yeah, it’s better if it’s not forced.

Definitely. I hated Romeo and Juliet. But I discovered really, it is about one teen having a hissy fit because she can’t see someone she loves, so she kills herself because she didn’t get her way lol. Thats Shakespeare for you.

And a bunch of other people died as well.

Maybe that’s where Sparks gets it from ? 

hahahah oh yea, those people.

Yeah its just not my cup of tea. Shakespeare itself is beautiful, and hilarious at times.

I liked The Taming of the Shrew and Much Ado About Nothing


The film with Denzel was good too…so good…”you amaze me!!”

Thank you for doing this Ciara. 

No worries. Thank you too!

 Ciara Lynch is a writer, comedian. Living in the UK. She studied Film and Television and Media Production. 

 “I like pizza. I like bagels. I like hotdogs with mustard and beer.”

“On the 8th day, God created a magic-talking leapord and forgot all about us.”

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