Guest post 

Evoke my heart with softly spoken words

Whisper breathlessly into my ear your desires

Speak out loud your intentions

Call to me from the darkness

Incantations muttered by candlelight

Beckon me from across the abyss

Free me from my mortal coil

For I am made of stars

Everlasting and constant

I will shine

Blinding radiant 

I am now yours

Speak my name

Awaken me

Summon me to you

Bring me forth

I will come

Intertwining our souls  

I breathe you in

We are one

We are the same

Once was will always be

I am the morning star

Follow me 

Let me guide you

I will not lead you astray

Speak out loud my name

My love

-Andrea – Look for Andrea on Instagram Here


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