I wish I had known 

it does not matter how much our paycheck’s are

We are not working for dollars

We are giving up time

and I never felt it slipping as I do now

We can never get it back

in the end

It doesn’t matter

how  much we made 

and every where I look

I see time now

Not wages

What good is 30 dollars an hour

if I’m never Home?


When all I have are minutes

what I wouldn’t give

for just one hour

off of my check stub….



we exchange 

the best years of our lives 

for money

To secure a little bit of life

the way we are told we should have it


But what I know 

is the moments

where we are  together

the moments

we read  to each other

your body next to mine

I close your book

and I read you

with my finger tips

my  lips across your skin

we can slow time down

we can be right here for hours

we can take it slow 

let the candles burn

let the midnight in 

I want to know your heart 

I want to guard your dreams 

I’ve walked for miles 

Just to be right here 

I want to rediscover you 

This is what I’ll remember 

This is all I see 

You here with me

  Image source unknown 









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