Beagle in the City #32

Simon: Dad, what are we watching?

Ethan: Shhh,Gilmore Girls

Simon: it’s been like 12 episodes…

Simon: I see you’ve brought Pretzels to the sleepover! 

Ethan: Shhh, Simon. Really. 

Simon: We were just going to watch one episode. “See what it is.” I demand a pretzel. I like pretzels. 

Ethan: What? 

Simon: You are a grown man,on a couch,under a blanket with a dog keeping your feet warm,eating pretzels while Binge – watching Gilmore Girls. Where is mom,dad?

Ethan: Whooahh wait …here, have a pretzel. I have to grab some …poker cards and beer or hey,mimosas!

Simon: Dad!

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