Letters to a Nurse#6

So, I made the pizza roll recipe. I also burned my hand. Again. But it turned out ok…I still couldn’t fold the damn thing…I hope you’re ok with a big Tremor looking pizza roll. Because,that’s what you got. Gosh I hate sour cream.

I tried to work on Simon and his tricks again. You remember,the other day,when he caught all those great little soft treats? 

Well,he just turns and runs from milk bones. 

He catches pop corn just fine. Right out of the air- bam! Like a bald eagle. Toss him a milk bone. Runs off like you’re trying to murder him. 

I’m working on this idea for a story about  a diamond. I’m just having a hard time writing it. Covering the traditions and marketing of things. Starting off with the quote “a diamond is forever” – (Frances Gerety advertising campaign for De Beers 1947)

For example;A fictional figure begins the controlled market for diamonds and  the demand for such as a wedding market. 

Warnings are thrown around from the mines from all the slave labour. 

His daughter is given a “rare diamond ” for her Prestigious engagement and as they plan a wedding she gets sick and dies. From the curse of blood.

Huh, look at that. I wrote it. 

I’m stuck here in the trappings of adulthood-again. I think my car needs new plugs and wires. But I had this great idea, to save money. I’ll buy the damn things myself and let some other person who loves this stuff show me how to put them in. ( because people love to talk about what they know. And then I’ll …you know…know.) and they are only 45 dollars if I buy them myself opposed  to a couple hundred or more somewhere else. 

And to think, I almost, very nearly became a mechanic. (I was ten)

Anyway, I miss you.

You’re great. 

And you looked amazing today. 

Thanks for making me eat healthy, 

Because no matter how many times I hold up a gallon of milk and look at the Froot Loops asking myself, is it worth it? Is it?…

It’s not worth it. 

Love, your idiot.  


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