I have slight arthritis in my hands. I can tell when it’s going to rain. A couple of weeks ago,it hurt so bad I had a hard time writing. I usually write letters to my wife since she works a different schedule than me. So instead I just cleaned and brought her lunch. 

It really scared me though,because I never thought about not being able to write before. Until then. 

I think The Arts are so important. You can create something from nothing. Maybe social media makes that easier than it used to be, or even should be. 

Slam Poets get up and speak with passion in their voices…

But I don’t think it’s safe to relive every creation. You know? I think we have to be strong enough to separate ourselves and deliver our creations…our work…tell the story,without self harming ourselves,walking through old coals and dead fires.  

That’s not good mental health.

Writing and creating,photography, all of it…it’s such a special thing. These are the things we give back…we take care of each other with. It’s the proof we were here. 

Not everyone is going to understand that. And that’s ok. And someone is going to be offended. That’s a given. But speak. Work. Create. Tell your story as only you can. Keep moving forward. No one else is you. And that’s a beautiful thing. We are not meant to be alike. 

Every occasion and every moment. You see things no one else ever will. 

Make your art.

I love you guys. Thank you for all of your support and everything you do. 


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