Beagle in the City #35

Simon: Hey,Dad. Oh my gosh, is this a blanket fort? 

Ethan: That’s  my leg. Why are you so heavy?

Simon: Oops sorry, ‘scuse me, I’m trying to lay down. Just gonna climb over here to my spot. 

Ethan: You pulled all of the covers…my feet are cold. Why are my feet cold. 

Simon: I forgot my antler.I’ve gotta go get my antler. I hunted it.

Ethan: what? Stay here. Simon.

Simon: ANTLER!! I’m coming!

Ethan: I can’t believe this . 

Simon: I’m back now.

Dad, let me under the covers. 




Ethan: Ok fine. Where’s your antler?

Simon: It was dark.


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