Beagle in the City #40

Simon: What are we going to do today,dad?

Ethan: Today Simon…we are going to take over the….no I’m just kidding. Today we’re going to make a lemon cake!

Simon: Cake 

Simon: Wait, is this going to be like your meatballs? This isn’t going to be great. Mom makes better cake. 

Ethan: Shhh. Just go with it. 

Simon: you have to use the mixer!

Simon: oh shoot, that smells delicious. 

  Ethan: Why are you looking at me like that? 

Simon: I’m supporting you,like a good helper. Now share. 

  Ethan: Send a picture to mom.
Simon: I got this. “DeaR mom…dad RoKs  Bcuz CaKe.” 

Ethan: I don’t share cake. 

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