You put the Fun in Comedy 

We all like comedies,right? 

Of course you do. 

Even Dick Wolf probably likes them. 


You know,

Like life 

they sometimes fall apart for the second half…

Brad Pitt is a fun guy   

George Clooney is ok too.

It’s all just a mid life crisis. Right? 

And then things get weird. 

Not unlike life.

But I  think I’ve figured it out.

Some college genius was like 

“Hey,you realize everyone is going to be getting laid by this point of the film, right? We could literally throw in anything we want and no one will be the wiser. Hahaha.”

Which makes you reconsider every movie you’ve ever watched. All the sex that probably happened all over the world. And then you. Sitting there wondering what the hell you’re even watching.

Either that…or LSD happened.

Because now, they’ve got the nice Cat Lady getting axe murdered in her suburban street. In the afternoon. Which has caused me to hold my pet closer. 

A couple more murders by gunshot to the face...

A random sex fetish/addiction involving machines…. I bet some first dates  just got awkwardly silent. While someone thought…”Man,sobriety sucks.”

But hey, you know what?

It’s ok. 

Because at the end of the day…We’re the comedy.

Everyone is in some kind of interview for sex. Or sparking things up.  Reconnecting. That’s a date. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a club or at home. 

And if you’re married with children…it’s shopping together 5 minutes before closing…without the kids. “you want to try the hummus? Let’s be adventurous.No dear, read the label. We have two minutes.”

Because at most of the points,if you’re like me.You’re just going to bed at 9pm. Convincing yourself that you’re  still dangerous…but reminding yourself to take a Tums because Chinese. Ibuprofen,  because if you stay on your side too long your hip wakes you up. And even though you know this, you can’t help it because you’re asleep. 

Now pass me my mimosa, I can’t drink Vodka anymore.


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