Bleeding Ink #885

All of the layers
Of you
The shadows
Behind the curtain
The facesYou try to…

Is this not 

The promised land 

Is it not safe here anymore?

Free credit 

On all the dreams 

But they take 

Your soul 

At the door

Can we undress 

This feeling

Leave the words behind 

We don’t have to stumble 


This is not old maps…

There are different seasons 

Of her

Behind the curtain 

She will let you in 

You will know her 


Time and time again 

There are no golden years 

Undress all that you carried with you 

You don’t need it here 

Behind the wall 

In the garden 

Through the curtain 

They all left at the gate 

Before they got to the fountain 

She’s a volcano 

the eye of the storm 

Tomorrows yesterday 

You don’t have to come 


Everyday is new




There’s no such thing 

As temporary 



We are constantly becoming 

There are still secrets 

To find 


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