Letters to a Nurse #7

You come to me

And the air 

Is getting thin 

The waters

Run still

But your waves 

Are crashing over me 

The weight 

Of who I am 

My body and these bones 

All of the clocks 

On these walls


We’ve written our names

In the face of the moon


it rains diamonds

On Jupiter 


But there still isn’t enough time 

For me to love 

You right


When words fade 

From this 


We will remain 


Surely you know,

You don’t have to change ,

Not here,

It rains fire …


I’m on fire …

When I’m with you 

And I am with you

Take my body

All that I am 


Breath for breath

See what you’ve done 

From  here to eternity…

I will be reading only you

And even then 

I will be learning 

How to love you. 


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