Beagle in the City #42

Ethan: It’s mom’s month.

Simon: Yeah?

Ethan: You know, her birthday. So we celebrate all month.

Simon: Oh is that why you wrapped a huuuge Christmas present? 

Ethan: You said it looked good!

  Simon: It did! What is she like a year old ?

Ethan:  You know I can’t answer that. That’s an unfair question. This is our 42nd post. You can’t just say things…

Simon: I know, I loved our celebration party. 

Ethan: What party?

  Simon: You didn’t throw a party? With donuts and sprinkles?? 

Ethan: No. 

Simon: Never mind.

Phone rings

Ethan: Hey,Babe… No …yeah I ate some donuts. They’re on the couch… No …I only had two….

Ethan: it never fails…

Simon: Did she see the present?

Ethan: She saw the sprinkles!! In her carpet! With glaze!!  

Simon: (((whispers))) happy 42nd post Beagle in the City…Yey…

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