The one about air filters

  I thought I had Strep for a day or so. Turns out it was only a sinus infection. Which also makes a person look high all the time but without smelling like Colorado.

We have this crazy efficient air purifier. I used to not have issues with anything. But then we got the purifier and I guess it just makes a person weak. Thanks purifier for making awesome air.The filter needed to be changed…I didn’t notice in time. So it quit working. 

But my body noticed and Simon noticed. He’s walking around sneezing like “Dad, is there a dog in this house, I’m allergic to dogs.” 

It’s a real problem. 

We also have this great organic peppermint body wash.No sulfates, yadda yadda. It really opens your sinuses. So I poured some in a steaming (boiling it was boiling) bowl of water and steamed my face under a towel. Simon comes up and just sticks his head under the towel too and sits down beside me,sniffing the steam like “yeah,this is the stuff. I can breathe again.” 

The wash is really great though. I wish I could remember the name of it. You can clean your body, your clothes, you can use it for toothpaste, although it is not recommended. 50/50 in water and it kills bugs safely in your kitchen. 

The first time we used it. The peppermint was so cold it burned. Which is not the kind of shower your genitals hoped for.  I dreamed I used it as shampoo and all my hair fell out. . . 

My wife says it wasn’t this bad. I say, yeah, neither is a Hot tub filled with salt water. But put a guy in there that just shaved down under, He’s probably going to have a different experience. And I know  we all shave down there too. 

But women are built like the presidents bunker. You can take a pounding. Unless all the blood has went to my “head” You start pounding me like that…I’m gonna black out,vomit and die.

Needless to say. The idea to steam my face with this wash,was not my first idea. It was my wife’s. And ultimately, the desire to breathe won out.

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