Beagle in the City #46

Rosco:  Man is it hot. Today is the day. That box is mine! 

 Simon: Hey Dog! 

Rosco: Hey there Beagle. My name is Rosco.

Simon: Hey Rosco! Do you want to walk with us? 

Rosco: Nah I’m going to sit here and wait for the mailman. 

Simon: You have a mailman too!  He leaves me treats! 

Rosco: you’re crazy,man. You’re supposed to steal the mail. 

Simon: oh…ok.

Rosco: Today’s the day! 

 Simon: Good luck!

Rosco: (talking to himself)  ok first I’m going to bark. Then I’m going to bite his leg…no no…bite his leg then bark…get the mail…no no.

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