Beagle in the City #47

Simon: Take my bones, take my treats, but you can’t take the wild from me… Ohhh hello butterfly. 

Simon: My pack  is on an adventure! 

 This must be what a mountain lion  feels like…

Too bad dad got lost

Ethan: I’m not lost. 

Simon: Oh he’s lost. I’m descended from the wolf. These are new trails. It’s ok mom. I’ve got this.

Mom:Babe, none of this looks familiar. Should we turn around and just go back?

Ethan: Nah, This won’t be a problem. The trail will come out in the end. 

Mom: Every time you say that….


Simon: Hey dad, is it time for the  LOST PERSON photo? 

Simon : If you think you’ve seen this beagle please call…..

Ethan: See, we’re almost through with the trail.

Mom: It’s a dirt road….with people camping….we never saw this! 

What’s your phone say ?

Ethan: uhhh there’s no signal. Let’s just go right. 

Two hours later . 

Mom:how much further? 

Simon: Wow dad, mom is really glaring at you.

Mom: A car. Ask this person for help.

 Ethan: So they’re saying we should’ve went left. And then it is at the end of the road.

Mom: We!!! You. You should have went left. Come here and let me explain something about equal partnership to you. It’s called listening. 

Simon: Maybe we will see the mighty grizzly bear. Or a panther! Grrr.

Mom: How far? 

Ethan: 43 minutes. 


Ethan:You can give the ring back if you want. You know, If we make it. 

44 minutes later 

Simon: Look! There’s our car.

Mom: wait! where’s my cell phone! Son of a ….

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