Beagle in the City #50

Tito: Heyyy hey my friend Simon!  

Simon: Be cool dad.  Hello,friend dog!

Tito: Hola, brother.  Where are we walking today,the streets are very big, filled with possibility! 

Simon: We’ll just do the same walk. 

Ethan: Who is this guy? 

Simon: Beats me dad, but I think he’s going to walk with us. Be cool. 

  Tito: I know what you’re thinking…you’re thinking I’m too small for such an  epic journey as this. But I assure you, I only require three breaks and two sandwiches…and I also get twice the amount of excercise!…so,are we good? thin man? Good. Alright let’s go!!!! 

Ethan: I don’t think it’s possible to scare this guy away.  He knows this is the normal walk right? And why does everybody keep calling me that?

Simon: Shh dad, he’s peeing on a car. 

Ethan: if you start peeing on furniture I swear…

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