Beagle in the City #52


 Simon: Are you sure I can be in here? 

Ethan: absolutely

Simon: I don’t think I can help 

Ethan: Sure you can. 

Simon: But why do you need my help? 

Ethan: Because you’re my buddy and you’re great at picking out flowers.

Simon: Wait! They have flowers here?  

 Ethan: Do you think mom would like these?

Simon: These people work here?

I didn’t even know this was a job

 This is awesome! 

 Mom doesn’t get to work with flowers, she has to wear a uniform…and dad just dresses like a dandy. I don’t know what their jobs even are, but they are not as cool as this. 

Dad, I think I would like to be a Florist.

Ethan: Well, you get to deliver these to mom today. Can you do that?

Simon: But we need chocolates too dad. Don’t be a dingus. Come on man.

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